You Can Text Too ...

Now you can even send your codes via text to:
(951) A-COKE-4-U
(951) 226-5348

Just save the number in your phone as the Coke Bloke and you can send codes right after you gulp down a refreshing Coke. No need to carry around caps with you… just text and toss.

Now on Facebook !!!

A quick post to let everyone know that I'm on Facebook now! You can use this link to get to my Facebook page here... or you can just search for The Coke Bloke.

Thanks to all of you who submitted codes through the super easy form I created!

The Audacity of Coke

Ok... mycokerewards just raised the price for a 20 oz. coke! It used to cost 24 points (8 caps @ 3 points each) for a 20 oz. coke coupon... now it costs 30 points (10 caps @ 3 points each)! WTF! That's a 25% increase! And it throws off my calculations in my Waste Nothing post. So let's adjust... if it takes 10 caps now and I've seen a 20 oz. coke go for $1.50... each cap is now worth 15 cents.

Still with the amount of coke product consumed each year there is probably about $2 Million worth of caps out there. And the code from a fridge pack is still worth 50 cents. So don't throw them away... just put them here.

Point Values

You may be curious as to how many points each coke product is worth. This is what I've found so far... I think some items are missing so let me know if you have any updates here.

32 pack, 12 oz. cans - 25 points
8 pack, 20 oz. bottles - 24 points
24 pack, 12 oz. cans - 20 points
6 pack, 24 oz. bottles - 18 points
12 pack, 12 oz. cans (Fridge pack) - 10 points
24 pack, 500 ml - 10 points
12 pack, 500 ml - 10 points
1 liter bottle - 3 points
1.5 liter bottle - 3 points
2 liter bottle - 3 points
20 oz. bottle - 3 points
32 oz. bottle - 3 points

Waste Nothing

It takes 8 coke caps (worth 3 points each) to get a coupon for a 20 oz. coke at mycokerewards. At my local grocery store the going rate for a 20 oz. coke is $1.60. So just dividing it out... each cap is worth about 20 cents.

Approximately 1 Trillion oz. of coke products are consumed each year in the U.S. alone. A Trillion! Conservatively speaking, let's assume that all that product is sold in 2-liter bottles (this gives you the worst ratio of points per ounce). That would mean there is about 15 Billion coke caps generated in the U.S. with a value of close to $3 Billion.

So is all that value just going in the trash? I hope not! If you drink a lot of coke I encourage you to set up an account at mycokerewards and start getting more value out of your coke investment. But if you think it's too much trouble... don't just throw away your codes. Instead just enter them in here. You don't have to register or anything... you don't even have to enter in your name or email if you don't want to. It couldn't be any easier!

By the way... if you usually get 12-pack cans (a.k.a. Fridge Pack) and throw away the code (usually found on the inside of the rip off tab), that's like throwing away 66 cents based on the values above. Each code from a 12-pack is worth 10 points! And if you still insist on throwing it away, why not throw them in my direction. Use my contact form here.